IPHawk protects domain name owners from potential copycats and other trademark violations by monitoring new domain name registrations.

We automatically monitor and detect similar domain name registrations daily.
We will notify your customers of potential copycat websites and similar domain registrations.

Why become an IPHawk Partner?

Boost Revenue

IPHawk Addon would boost your revenue 10 times for every domain registration or renewal.

Quick & Easy Setup

Installing our WHMCS Addon module just takes a few minutes. Register your merchant account with the Addon and you’re good to go.

Collect Payments Yourself

You directly collect payments from your customers and we will bill you a part of the revenue on a monthly basis.

$ 5 Flat Fee

Choose the price at which you want to sell our services on your WHMCS Admin panel. We charge you a flat fee of $5 for every subscription.

intellectual property protection
intellectual property protection

AI-based Service.

Boost credibility of your WHMCS domain and hosting reselling platform with IPHawk’s AI-based domain monitoring service. IPHawk is a low resistance point of entry into the world of AI and Machine Learning.

Installation Instructions

1. Download the WHMCS Addon Module from here.

2. Login to your cPanel File Manager or FTP.

3. Upload it to yourwhmcsdomain.com/modules/addons/ directory.

4. Unzip the downloaded file.

5. You are now ready to activate the plugin.

1. Login to WHMCS admin panel for your website.

2. Go to the directory yourwhmcsdomain.com/admin/configaddonmods.php

3. Find IPHawk in the list of Addons and click on “Activate.”

4. After activating the addon, click on Configure and choose Full Administrator access.

1. Go to yourwhmcsdomain.com/admin/addonmodules.php?module=iphawk

2. Fill in your registration details.

3. Evaluate your details and click on “Submit”.

4. After refreshing the page, you will be ready to setup the IPHawk upsell price and description.

5. If you want to change any registration details in the future, get in touch with us at webmaster@iphawk.com

1. Fill in the title and description of the upsell.

2. Add the amount you would be charging your customers for the IPHawk Domain Protection service.

3. Click on “Save”.

4. You can edit these details any time in the future.

1. You are ready to use the IPHawk module now.

2. If you want to change the pricing of the upsell, repeat Step 4.

3. We will send you a monthly invoice based on your transactions to redeem our fees.

4. For any queries, get in touch with us at webmaster@iphawk.com

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install the IPHawk Addon Module?

IPHawk Addon module uses standard WHMCS protocols for installation. You can follow the instruction for complete installation.

How do I get billed?

After the end of every month, we would take a flat fee of $5 each for every successful subscription sold. We will send you an invoice at the end of the month and accept payments via PayPal.


How does IPHawk Domain Monitoring System work?

IPHawk uses custom built AI classifiers to distinguish newly registered domains with from existing ones. We generate a similarity score and notify the client of any possible copycats or trademark infringements.

Is there a fixed fee?

No, IPHawk only bills you for the number of subscriptions you upsell. We do not charge you for being an IPHawk partner.

Why is IPHawk so inexpensive?

Law firms and traditional brand protection services are labor-intensive. IPHawk uses scrapers, heuristic machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence classifiers to automate detection and response with minimal manual intervention, leading to low costs.

What is IPHawk’s subscription cycle?

We have an annual subscription package which can be renewed directly from your WHMCS platform during domain registration renewal.

More questions? Chat with us or schedule a free demo.

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