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    We help you protect your Domain Name from Intellectual Property infringement.


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We help you detect duplicate and similar domain names that were registered on a daily basis that go undetected, using Artificial Intelligence. We assist you to assert Intellectual Property claim on these domain names and hence prove Brand Protection.

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Anyone can use your Brand in a Domain Name.

Just like the above example, it’s really easy to register a similar domain, and start a competing business or website and drive your web traffic to their site.

The IPHawk Solution.

Our AI-enabled solution allows you to monitor your brand, detect similar domain names, and help you assert your Intellectual Property claim on those infringements.

We help you safeguard potential loss of brand value as well as prevent future loss of revenue by detecting infringements early.

“IPHawk brings a unique proposition to their industry and come with high-growth potential.” 

Step 1: Subscribe

Subscribe to our Domain module for free and add your domain name to our platform.

Step 2: Detect Infringements

We detect duplicate and similar domains using artificial intelligence.

Step 3: Block

Send Cease and Desist notices to those domain name owners. Safeguard your income and brand value.

Real-Time Detection

We limit your losses by detecting infringements early.

 Actionable Insights

We provide you with analytics to take action on your content strategy.

24×7 Monitoring

Our platform works round the clock detecting new infringements.

 Prompt Customer Support

We help you each step of the way in solving your problems.

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IPHawk Domain Name Monitoring

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