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Ignoring App IPR protection can lead to lower app store rankings and lost revenue.

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You will receive alerts for suspicious online usage of your app assets or app store content, for example if someone uploads a similarly named app, create a website, or attempts to trademark your brand name. This will help you take timely steps to prevent infringement, brand dilution or fraud. See TM Contest T&C.

Defend your app against IPR threats


App Clones

You put in the effort to build and promote your app until it gets featured - and then someone publishes a clone?


Listing Copy Theft

You spend months optimizing and testing the copy on your App Store Listing, and then someone copies your content?


App Asset Infringement

Your icons, your artwork, screenshots, textures, sounds, models and character assets can be ripped and reused.


Brand Dilution

Anyone can register domains containing your brand or app name, creating a community outside your control.


Trademark Threats

Someone might register a trademark similar to your own, if you don't monitor and raise an objection in time.


Revenue Loss

IPR threats lead to lost downloads, bad reviews, lower rankings, lost reputation and ultimately lost revenue.

How it works

IPHawk is a service that automatically defends your Mobile App, Store Listings, Characters, Content, Brand, and other intellectual property, from app cloning, fraud and IPR theft.

1. Monitors App Stores
IPHawk monitors app stores, looking for your app, trademark, content and other Intellectual Property (IP).
2. Detects Infringement
Advanced AI Engine determines if someone is cloning your app, making a fake app or misusing your app IPR assets.
3. Responds Automatically
Legal Response Engine helps you respond with reporting, legal notices, takedowns, cease & desists and more.

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You will receive an alert whenever
a potential infringement, copycat app
or trademark registration is detected.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. IPHawk works entirely using publicly available information from your play store or app store listing. All it needs is your app's iTunes and Playstore App IDs.

No, there is no integration required. IPHawk works entirely using publicly available information from your play store or app store listing, so all it needs is your app's iTunes and Playstore App IDs.

IPHawk's AI is trained to detect infringements across various apps and IPR assets. The more apps we protects, the better our AI algorithms get at detecting any infringements. The free tier help us improve our algorithm and efficiency.

Free plans are targeted towards startups and independent creators, and are limited to protecting any two IP Assets (App Listings, Brands, Domain Names, Videos, Content, etc.) per account and up to 5 infringement incidents per IP Asset per month.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail. You need to click on the link in the email to start monitoring. This gives you access to a ticketing dashboard, where you can set up your apps, keywords or assets, and see incidents being detected and resolved.

No, your Credit Card information is not needed for a free signup.

Signing up for free brand protection gives you a chance to win a free trademark registration for your brand, in any one class, in the USA or in India. At the end of the promotion period we will reach out to the winners to collect additional information and submit your trademark application. Final registration is at the discretion of the USPTO / Indian Trademark Office.

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Need more features?

The Free plan is limited to protecting one app on the App Store and the Play Store. If you have additional mobile apps, brands or content assets, select our Pro plan.

In November, every paid Pro Plan includes a free USPTO Trademark Registration in a single class, worth $425+
For Indie Developers with a single App, Startups and Small Brands
lifetime free plan
  • Lifetime Free Plan
  • Single User
  • 2 IP Assets
  • 5 Incidents/mo
  • Daily Monitoring
  • IPR Threat Analytics
  • Account Manager
  • API & Integrations
  • Custom A.I.
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For Enterprise Apps, Game Studios, Brand-owners and Content-heavy Apps
per brand
  • Paid Subscription
  • For Teams
  • 20 IP Assets
  • 1000 Incidents/mo
  • 24x7 or Daily Monitoring
  • IPR Threat Analytics
  • Account Manager
  • API & Integrations
  • Custom A.I.

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