We use revolutionary latest machine learning algorithms to protect your brand, trademark, content and other IP.

Our Python-based Artificial Intelligence technology lets us monitor the Internet for your IP. We detect potential IP Infringements and report them back to you as event tickets.

Monitor the Internet

Our latest technology allows us to monitor marketplaces, websites, news and blogs to get information about your Trademark or IP.

Infringement Detection Technology

Our advanced Python-based AI Engine takes in a variety of inputs like site ranking, the similarity of trademark, bad reviews, etc. to come to the conclusion of a potential violation.

Respond Automatically

Our Legal Response Engine makes sure that it finds the person responsible for the infringement and send him a legal notice to refrain from using the IP.

Monitor your IP assets
in real-time.

Our IP risk monitoring is in real-time. We provide you with insight and other information about potential violations by creating event tickets. You

  • IP Protection Consultation

    For organizations with an existing portfolio
    of domains and registered trademarks.


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