Protecting your Intellectual Property in the Digital World.


Wise brands always keep their IP and Revenue protected online.

IPHawk is a unique AI-based solution that protects your Brand, Trademark, Intellectual Property and Content across the Internet.

We surf the web and flag potential IP infringements using our advanced algorithms and machine learning.

Monitor the Internet

IPHawk monitors the internet, looking for your trademark, content and other Intellectual Property (IP).

Detect and Track IP Infringement

IPHawk allows you to track trademark and content infringements and get a detailed analysis of the threat detected.

Protect Missing Piece of Revenue

IPHawk protects you from losing a vital part of your revenue using continuous monitoring by our revolutionary AI Engine.

Why IPHawk?

Our case studies have shown that without proper monitoring of digital assets, you are at risk of losing potential revenue, and eventually, your Trademark.

We learn from your actions

IPHawk revolutionary heuristic algorithms learn from the actions you take against the potential threats we collect for you. Using this data, we assess trademarks infringements in a better manner.

intellectual property protection
intellectual property protection

Real-time detection.

Don’t wait years to find out someone is stealing your assets. With our advanced monitoring engine, the time between infringement and detection can be reduced to only a few days or even hours.

You’re in good company

Join our satisfied customers using IPHawk globally.

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FREE IP Risk Assessment.

IPHawk’s personalized assessment gives you a bird’s eye view of the IP Risks faced by your specific brand name, trade mark, character, or keyword.

This report is generated by scanning over 1000 common infringement venues for your keyword, and also benchmarks your IP Risk with other organization in your industry.

Use your free custom report as a starting point to categorize and prioritize your IP risk, as the first step towards securing your Intellectual Property across the internet.

“[the] initial report was surprisingly actionable, covering a number of key risk areas, and [we] knew immediately that some of those we had ignored completely…”

– Eli Hillier, Centrum Manufacturing Co.

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