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Use Artificial Intelligence to defend your brand, trademark, content and other intellectual property.

Automatically monitor and respond to IP threats in minutes.
No expensive team, no hourly billed lawyers – use A.I. as the first line of defense for your assets.

Auto-Detect, Auto-Protect.


Monitor the Internet

IPHawk monitors the internet, looking for your trademark, content and other Intellectual Property (IP). Learn More

Detect Infringement

Advanced AI Engine determines if your IP was used legitimately and if someone is misusing your IP assets. Learn More

Respond Automatically

Legal Response Engine helps you respond with legal notices, takedowns, cease & desists and more. Learn More

Premium Features with IPHawk Pro

Unlimited IPR Monitoring

Unlimited incident detection, tracking and resolution on all your brands, content and other IP Assets with IPHawk Pro for Enterprises.

Personalised Support

A Customer Success Manager to assist you with personalized account setup and help you achieve effective IPR security outcomes.

IPR Threat Analytics 

Which infringement avenues cause the most high impact incidents? What is your post-launch infringement trend? Deep-dive with in-depth analytics. 

Custom AI 

Every brand has different needs. Train a Custom AI for your brand's own infringement sensitivity and stance, with IPHawk Pro.

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Custom Infringement Venues 

Every brand faces different risks. Monitor additional infringement venues specific to your IPR needs, with IPHawk Pro for Enterprises. 

Custom Monitoring Frequency

100x faster time-to-detection with round the clock, daily or customized intervals for scanning common infringement venues, with IPHawk Pro.

Legal Response Engine

10x faster time-to-first-response with custom templates, assisted drafting and rules-based automation. Faster responses lead to cheaper resolutions.

API Integration

Fit into your existing workflow with custom API integrations and data export features with IPHawk Pro for Enterprises.

Stakeholder Reporting

Customize templates to generate .DOC, .PDF or .PPT reports on IP risk and incidents for management, counsel and other stakeholders.

A hawk-eyed watch on Enterprise IPR Assets

IPHawk Pro for Enterprises

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For SMEs, Small Brands, Independent Creators and Startups
lifetime free plan
  • Single User
  • 2 IP Assets
  • 5 Incidents/mo
  • Weekly Monitoring
  • IPR Threat Analytics
  • Account Manager
  • API & Integrations
  • Custom A.I.
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For Enterprises, Brand-owners and Content-heavy Companies
$ 9.95
per brand per month
  • For Teams
  • 20 IP Assets
  • 1000 Incidents/mo
  • 24x7 or Daily Monitoring
  • IPR Threat Analytics
  • Account Manager
  • API & Integrations
  • Custom A.I.
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