Use artificial intelligence to protect your brand, trademark, content and other intellectual property.

Automatically monitor and respond to IP threats in minutes.
No expensive team, no hourly billed lawyers – use AI as the first line of defense for your assets.

Monitor the Internet

IPHawk monitors the internet, looking for your trademark, content and other Intellectual Property (IP).

Detect Infringement

Advanced AI Engine determines if your IP was used legitimately and if someone is misusing your IP assets.

Respond Automatically

Legal Response Engine can automatically respond with legal notices, takedowns, cease & desists and more.

intellectual property protection

Monitor your IP assets
across the internet.

Registering a trademark or copyright is not enough. You are responsible for monitoring your IP for misuse. As a result, neglecting this can prove expensive, as these case studies show.

Real-time detection.

Don’t wait years to find out someone is stealing your assets. With our advanced monitoring engine, the time between infringement and detection can be reduced to only a few days or even hours.

intellectual property protection
intellectual property protection

AI-based response.

Our AI classifier tags incidents leniently or aggressively based on your set stance, and up to 95% incidents can be responded to automatically with the appropriate removal process without the need for a large legal team or expensive hourly billing.

  • Intellectual Property Protection Consultation

    For organizations with an existing portfolio
    of domains and registered trademarks.


    This is not the provision of legal services or advice,
    and does not create an attorney-client relationship.
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FREE IP Risk Assessment.

IPHawk’s personalized assessment gives you a bird’s eye view of the IP Risks faced by your specific brand name, trademark, character, or keyword.

Furthermore, this report is generated by scanning over 1000 common infringement venues for your keyword, and also benchmarks your IP Risk with other organization in your industry.

Use your free custom report as a starting point to categorize and prioritize your IP risk, as the first step consequently optimizing your Intellectual Property Protection across the internet.

“[the] initial report was surprisingly actionable, covering a number of key risk areas, and [we] knew immediately that some of those we had ignored completely…”

– Eli Hillier, Centrum Manufacturing Co.

IPHawk Annual Subscription
$ 5
Comprehensive IP Protection
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Infringement Detection & Tracker
  • Automated Response Options
  • Detailed Monthly PPTX Reports
  • $100/yr second year onwards
  • Cancel Any Time

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 IP Monitoring

Plan includes monitoring and intellectual property protection of one domain, website, brand and trademark.

Shared Account Manager

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Infringement Response

Access to your IP incident tracker to monitor detection and removal


Get detailed PDFs and PPTXs to generate IP risk and status reports for management.

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